The name Delf Wood Science Foundation (DWSF) dates back from 1992. Before that time, the foundation already existed under a different name. The aim of the foundation, in general, is to promote scientific research on structural wood. In particular, the objective is to contribute to the development of fundamental theory, which due to austerity policies, has been increasingly neglected by standard research institutions. No other institution is, for instance, active on the development of Deformation Kinetics, the scientific method that applies for all materials and gives the physical-chemical constitutive relations at a given temperature and time--necessary for a real understanding and prediction of creep and damage. The same could be said, for instance, in Fracture Mechanics--that it should be based on failure of the matrix of the wood polymer and on small flat elliptical cracks to explain the mixed mode failure criterion and to be able to simulate progressive damage or to obtain the deformation kinetics equations necessary for a good explanation of the data. Because new theory should be discussed for further development and acceptance, it is very important to get a reaction of the readers in order to start this discussion. Send your questions and comments below and when permitted, the contribution will be published on this website.

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